• Road Safety Education
    The main goal of the Exhibition is to offer a space for promoting safety road with high technology unique in the world.
  • Experience The
    Robotic World
    Their aplications and implications in the humans life
DINOSAUR exhibition
Brace yourself for a close encounter with one of the most extraordinary creatures to walk the earth with our dinosaur exhibition. Featuring life-size dinosaur replicas with ultra-realistic movement and sounds, this is a high-tech, museum-quality dinosaur exhibition. We now have three editions: the Standard Dinosaur Exhibition contains 15 robots, the Medium Exhibition offers 15 specimens, and the Large Dinosaur Exhibition features 20.

Using fossil models and paleontological reconstructions, the exhibition will help visitors identify the role of paleontology, compare, and analyze fossil evidence leading to new discoveries about the life and death of dinosaurs, as well as some interactive features that will delight children and adults alike.

Our models are built with materials and equipment of the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology that can stand both indoor and outdoor conditions, regardless of any weather. With each specimen, we seek a balance between academic precision and entertainment. To us, talking about Dinosaurs is about sharing a universe full of incredible knowledge that will open new worlds for everyone.
Have you ever realized just how many things you can do with the help of a robot?

Scientific breakthroughs and new technological applications are making human life easier every day. We use machines or applications for almost all our tasks —many of which were unthinkable until recently. From computer-based communication to transportation and even heating our food, everything can be done by means of a device.

Understanding the subject and leveraging technology to improve our skills will undoubtedly shape us for the future.
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