• Experience The
    Robotic World
    Their aplications and implications in the humans life
  • Road Safety Education
    The main goal of the Exhibition is to offer a space for promoting safety road with high technology unique in the world.
This exhibition provides an insight into the world of robotics, its applications, and implications in human life, from its beginnings to the many options that the future holds for this exciting and ever-evolving field of science. Scientific breakthroughs and their technological applications make human life easier day by day thanks to robotics, from our computer-based communication to even heating our food!

Through interactive elements designed to combine teaching with playful aspects for the whole family, this immersive experience will marvel both children and adults, allowing them to discover the importance of robotics and how this science can help us make a difference in the world.

Though this exhibitION, visitors will be able to:
  • Experiment with robot prototypes
  • Understand the basics of robotics
  • Discover the historical background of robotics
  • Understand the importance of robotic applications
Have you ever realized just how many things you can do with the help of a robot?

Scientific breakthroughs and new technological applications are making human life easier every day. We use machines or applications for almost all our tasks —many of which were unthinkable until recently. From computer-based communication to transportation and even heating our food, everything can be done by means of a device.

Understanding the subject and leveraging technology to improve our skills will undoubtedly shape us for the future.
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